April 15, 2024
An unidentified MiG-21 belonging to No.45 Squadron
This MiG-21 FL was seen at the Air Force Day Celebrations at Tambaram Air Force Station in 2001. Though it was thought to be a temporary visitor at that point of time, its second appearance at the recent open house day at FIS confirms that the aircraft is a permanent resident of Tambaram AFS. The presence of the intake cover and pitot tube protection covers indicate that this could be an instructional airframe. Another view of the MiG-21 shows that the cockpit is empty without the usual ejection seat in place. Overall the condition of the aircraft seems to be very good. Pic Courtesy : B Harry

The second airframe at Tambaram is an unidentified MiG-21FL. This aircraft’s first photo was published in Sainik Samachar and at that time it was believed to be a flyer. However subsequent photos sent by Harry indicate that it is either an instructional airframe or a gate guardian. The aircraft does not have an ejection seat in the cockpit, nor a serial painted. The ‘Winged Daggers’ emblem is painted on the fin of the MiG.

The Camouflage looks brand new and the aircraft sports an intake cover as well as protective covers for the pitot tube and other surfaces. This level of overall maintenance indicates that the MiG could be an instructional airframe.

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