April 21, 2024

Two updated photographs of warbirds at the Defence Services Staff College [DSSC] in Wellington at Ooty. Including the second oldest Type-77 in India!

The Country’s sole Staff College for Senior officers of the Armed forces was set up at Wellington . The Defence Services Staff College [DSSC] was set up in the wake of partition as the sole Staff college at that time went to Pakistan due to its location in Quetta. An Ajeet is on display at Wellington as shown here.

The Gnat as preserved at the Defence Services Staff College at Wellington in Tamil Nadu. The Pic was contributed by Varun Chakrapani
A clue to the aircraft’s identity is seen in this picture. The aircraft is definitely an Ajeet upgrade. The serial number ’49’ can be seen on the undercarraige cover. Possibly the aircraft’s identity is E-1049. Photo Courtesy Varun Chakrapani Click to Enlarge

Better photos of the Gnat have now surfaced in 2016.  Gnat E-1049 has been moved to a new location sometime after February 2014 and December 2015. The aircraft now appears in center of one of the administrative and study blocks.

DSSC E1049

 Sharing the attention at the DSSC is a MiG-21FL , C-508 displayed at a road corner just opposite the College War Memorial.  The MiG-21, presumably one of the early lot of Type-77s directly imported from Russia was placed at its current location in January 2012 or earlier.  


 Not much is known of its service history, though in 1998 it was noted as flying with No.30 Squadron in the North East. The Aircraft is the second oldest Type-77 on display. The oldest being the one at IAF Museum in Palam (C-499)

Photo Courtesy: Varun Chakrapani, PS


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