April 23, 2024
The AFA has a number of 'relics' – incomplete aircraft, or wrecks that have been

The AFA has a number of 'relics' – incomplete aircraft, or wrecks that have been salvaged for various purposes. This page features the various other 'alternative' warbirds with the Academy.

HAL HPT-32 Deepak [X-3254]

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Two views of the fuselage of HPT-32 X-3254 as a converted Cockpit Procedures Trainer.

A HPT-32 X-3254 crashed on 21st November 2002 near a village at Dundigal. Both the crew members, Flt Lt KS Reddy and Trainee Pilot Flt Cdt Srivastava baled out of the aircraft after engine failure. The ac flew upside down and came down in a field, (see photos of news reports). Sometime early 2004, the Repair and Salvage Unit at the AFA, built up the fuselage of the HPT-32 and converted it into a 'Cockpit Procedure Trainer' – that is being used to provide ground based training to the flight cadets.

HAL HJT-16 Kiran I [U-752]

A HAL Kiran Mk1 U-752 met with a mishap on 25 February 1994, when a Cadet coming into land at night bounced the aircraft thrice and this resulted in the nosegear collapsing and the aircraft was considered a write off. The aircraft apparently skidded on the runway with its nose down after the front gear collapsed.

Now the front fuselage of U-752 has been used to build another Cockpit Procedures Trainer by the same Repair and Salvage Unit at the Air Force Academy.

Click to Enlarge Nose portion of HAL HJT-16 Kiran [U-752] displayed at Air Force Academy, Dundigal.

The trainer consists only of the forward fuselage and it is currently not known as to what happened to the rest of the aircraft.

HAL HJT-16 Kiran I Ejection Trainer

A much older warbird, that has been seen for quite a number of years is the 'Ejection Procedures Trainer' – another wingless fuselage of a Kiran I. This fuselage is slightly longer than U-752, but probably missing the entire engine bay and tail empennage.

The Ejection Simulator, another fuselage of a Kiran Mk1 at the Air Force Academy. Click to Enlarge

There are absolutely no identification marks on this fuselage, as well as the front headlight in the nose.

Aero Engines at the Academy Museum

There are a few aero engines on display at the Museum in Dundigal. A Hispano Sueza Verdun engine and an unidentified axial-flow jet engine are displayed. The piston engines are represented by the a Gypsy Major engine taken from VT-DBK.

Also on display in the Museum building are the Hispano Suiza Centrifugal flow engine of a Mystere IVa and an unidentified Axial flow engine. Click to Enlarge

The engines of the HF-24 Marut as well as the Vampire are also believed to be in external storage elsewhere in the Academy.

SA-2 Launchers and missiles

Near the JCO's mess is a huge SA-2 Surface to Air Missile displayed along with the launcher. There is another Launcher lying in the Academy's Motor Transport Workshop area along with the bits and pieces of the newly arrived Marut. This was subsequently moved to a better display area beside the runway.

A couple of Missile containers can also be seen in the area. One SA-2 has been installed at the main gate of the Academy

Click to Enlarge Seen on the left is the huge SA-2 Surface to Air Missile on display near the JCO Mess. When we revisited the AFA in June 2003 (Right) , the SA-2 was moved to a seperate area beside the runway where it was displayed in its element. Click to Enlarge

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