April 15, 2024
Once the visitor enters the AFA, he has to go straight down an approach road

Once the visitor enters the AFA, he has to go straight down an approach road called the Subroto marg, which leads to the Toofani Triangle where one gets the first glimpses of the vintage aircraft in the AFA. It takes its name from the presence of the Dassault Ouragan [IC-578] on display in the triangular park along with a Mystere IVa and a Sukhoi-7 BMK fighter. The Ouragan known as Toofani in Indian service served the IAF till the late 60s. 104 of these first generation jet fighters had been acquired by the IAF.

Dassault MD 450 Ouragan [IC578] is one of the vintage aircraft located at the Toofani Triangle park.

IC-578 at the AFA was initially painted with small serial numbers. Ouragans of the IAF had initially large scale lettering in their serial numbers. Later day aircraft reverted back to having the serial number in smaller letters. IC-578 reverted back to the large scale lettering once the repainting of the aircraft had been completed.

Click to Enlarge Ouragan IC578 as seen from the rear at the Toofani Triangle.
The damage to the Undercarriage leg plates can be seen in this picture, where the Commandant is checking out the Ouragan's Progress with the Restoration Team Leader. Click to Enlarge

The painting included a red stripes around the nose and wingtip tanks, large letter Serial Number and painting of the ejection seat warning triangle underneath the cockpit canopy. A cockpit canopy cover had been provided to the aircraft to protect it from the elements.

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THEN AND NOW: The Ouragan as it was three years back is illustrated by the image on the left. The Ouragan after its painting and partial restoration presents a much complete aircraft.

The Ouragan had sunk on its oleos due to passage of time, and the aircraft had damaged its undercarriage strut covers as they pressed against the platform. Though the aircraft had been jacked up using iron rods between the struts, the aluminum strut covers need to be repaired back into shape.

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THEN AND NOW: The major change in the Ouragan paint scheme is the Serial number format. Earlier the Serial number was in smaller lettering, but now its been painted in the larger lettering seen in most early IAF schemes.

As with other aircraft in the AFA, nothing is known much about this aircraft in terms of its past history or lineage. nor is anything known about its acquisition by the AFA.

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