March 5, 2024
n front of the Flying Cadets Mess, is a MiG-21 FL Type-77 [C-1167] in white

n front of the Flying Cadets Mess, is a MiG-21 FL Type-77 [C-1167] in white metal paint. The Type 77 was the third variant to serve in the IAF after the Type 74s and Type 76s. The aircraft was observed by us during our last trip in 1998. We had been able to get pictures only in this trip.

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The MiG-21 FL [C-1167] as seen in front of the Cadets mess at the AFA. The Serial number is painted in the wrong place. It is usually painted on the fin. This picture shows the Label painted near the roundel of the aircraft.

The aircraft has many aspects that detract from its original appearance. There is no Pitot tube in the nose. The serial number is painted in the wrong place. its painted aft of the wing root whereas MiGs usually carry it on the tail fin. As was the practice with the previous painting scheme, the label 'MiG-21' is painted on the forward portion of the fuselage just beside the IAF roundel.

An aerial view of the MiG-21 on display in the park opposite the Officer Cadet's Mess. Pic Courtesy AFA Brochure

The main undercarriage is in bad shape, with the oleos collapsing under the aircraft weight. The Tyres had been rendered out of shape . Technically the MiG-21 should be the aircraft that requires the least amount of effort to restore as a good number of FLs are still flying with MOFTU and No.30 Squadron in the North East. Efforts to get a team of technicians to work on the aircraft did not work out.

The Board in front of the MiG displays the performance figures of the aircraft. Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge The side view of the MiG shows the sleek lines of the Mach-2 fighter that made its name in the 71 War
The Academy is looking towards restoring this aircraft by repainting it and also giving it a new Pitot Tube and undercarraige. Click to Enlarge

Currently the academy has plans to restore the aircraft in its Natural finish with the usual grey paint on the fin patch and other areas . Plans to get a pitot tube installed to complete its external appearance. A Cockpit canopy cover had already been made and put in place. This aircraft is the first MiG-21 to be displayed around Hyderabad. Only recently did another MiG-21, a two seater this time was bought over and displayed at the College of Defence Management

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