March 4, 2024
MiG-21FL [Type77] C584 arrived at the AFA in 2009, along with a MiG-23MF. Its the second such type on display within the campus.

In early 2009, among the spurt of various airframes finding their way to AFA Dundigal, was a MiG-21FL (Type77). This MiG-21, serial number C584 was the second Type 77 with the AFA. The first one, C1168, displayed at the Cadets Mess had arrived more than three decades earlier.

Click to EnlargeMiG-21 FL [C584]  seen parked at a temporary spot just after its arrival at the premises in 2009. Photo Courtesy: Air Marshal Subhash Bhojwani (Retd)
Starboard view of MiG-21 FL [C584] parked at a temporary spot. The low front undercarraige wheel pressure and missing AoA vane on the port side seems to suggest the aircraft did not fly in here on its own. Photo Courtesy: Air Marshal Subhash Bhojwani (Retd)



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The aircraft, being a recent arrival is in much better shape and condition than its predecessor.  The aircraft did appear to be missing the Angle of Attack vane/probe on the port side, but appeared in good condition overall. 

The aircraft spent a few months parked at a temporary spot, while a suitable spot was searched for to locate the aircraft.  Sure enough in mid 2009, the eastern corner of the “Vampire Triangle” was earmarked for C584. Soon a platform was built and C584 ‘installed’ in the triangle.

MiG-21FL [C584] at its current location in Vampire Triangle in AFA.Click to Enlarge
Click to EnlargeAs with the other warbirds in Dundigal, the aircraft is surrounded by ample amount of flood lighting poles. It did receive a thick coat of silver paint in the interim.
Another view of the MiG-21 at its resting place.Click to Enlarge

Prior to its arrival in AFA, C584 was seen flying with No.30 Squadron in December 1998. 


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