April 15, 2024
A derelict burnt out airframe.

The Hashimara airfield also features a derelict. A fire-ravaged airframe of a MiG-27 still stands on its undercarriage at one part of the airfield. The Aircraft TS-517 of No.222 “Tigersharks” Squadron appears to have suffered a fire in the engine bay in the rear. Apparently the aircraft seems to have been stripped of all usable parts. Since the aircraft still features the camo scheme and squadron emblem of No.222, it appears that this accident occurred before the “Tipnis Grey” order came into effect..

MiG-27ML TS-517 on the Hashimara airfield shows the ravages of a fire to the rear part of the fuselage, probably a result of a faulty engine. The aircraft seems to have been stripped clean of all usable parts.

The aircraft is stored a considerable distance away – and can also be seen on Google Earth below (or at least that’s what we think it is!)

The aircraft could not be located on Google Earth in 2011, but additional wrecked airframes were found dumped in some of the aircraft pens on the airfield. The Google Maps image below shows atleast half a dozen MiG-27 wrecks on the airfield.

The aircraft however received a fresh lease of life and can now be seen at Bulandshahr

All Photographs, unless specified otherwise, are copyright of Rahul Devnath

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