April 14, 2024

Gnat E311 at Lawrence School is yet another resident of the Himalayan Foothills at Sanawar, half way between Chandigarh and Shimla. It is the 71st Gnat noted for preservation.

The Lawrence School, Sanawar, is an independent private co-educational boarding school near Chandigarh. It is located in the Kasauli Hills, District of Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India. Sanawar is about an hour drive from Chandigarh and six hours from New Delhi.The school, founded in 1847 by Sir Henry Lawrence.

Gnat E311 at the Lawrence School in Sanawar. Sporting two droptanks. The Maruti Suzuki 800cc car gives a good ‘Scale’ to compare with the dimunitive Gnat.
Gnat E311 at the Lawrence School in Sanawar. Sporting two droptanks. 

The school is home to a  Folland/HAL Gnat [E311], that is on display, mounted on an elevated ground. The aircraft is equipped with two drop tanks. The starboard drop tank and wing pylon, however appeared to have been knocked down and rests below the aircraft’s right wing.

This Gnat is the 71st Survivor of the type that we know of, and is believed to have been built by HAL sometime between the 65 and 71 wars. 

View of the rear fuselage. with the exception of the starboard drop tank, the aircraft appears to be decently taken care of.

Photos Courtesy: Wg Cdr Joseph Thomas 

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