April 14, 2024


In the Midnapore District in the state of West Bengal, about 130 km from Calcutta is the Major Airbase of Kalaikunda. Established way back during the Second World War, this desolate village turned airstrip is now a major establishment on the IAF's Orbat.

Ever since its reactivation in 1955, Kalaikunda had been home to Mystere Squadrons, Vampires, Hunters, Canberras, MiG-21s , Su-7s and now MiG-27s. Kalaikunda has a large number of warbirds on display, approximately seven preserved. A number of hunter airframes have been noticed lying derelict around the airbase. It is suspected that atleast one Sukhoi-7 airframe is lying around in the airbase. In the late 70s, one Spitfire airframe which was lying as a decoy was recovered and auctioned off to the UK Collectors.