March 29, 2023

PR Mk XIX: This was the final photo recce version 2,050hp Griffon 65 with the unpressurised cockpit then the 67 with pressurized cockpit. This aircraft with deep slipper tank could make a 2900 Km trip. It was also the last of the Spitfire marks flown by the RAF (1 Apr 54). Production totaled 225. RAF serials of aircraft handed over to the RIAF commenced with the serials PM and PS. Only one ex RIAF/IAF PR MK XIX has survived.

Mk XVIII Survivors

PM 627

This Spitfire became HS 694 and was TOC RAF 20.9.45. It moved to No 9 MU on 4.6.52 and was sold to Vickers Armstrong on 15.2.53 and then onto No 1 PR Squadron IAF in 1953. It moved to No 1 BRD in 1955 and back to No 1 PR Squadron till 1957 and then stored at Palam till 1970. Recovered to Canada on 3.2.71 and then to Swedish AF Museum in 1982.

Spitfire XIX PM-627 at the Swedish Air Force Museum. A Walkaround of the Spitfire is presented at this Link . Photo Courtesy : Joachim Smith, IPMS


A PR MK XIX of 101 PR Flt at Palam in the early 1950s. Note overall PR blue scheme and white band on tail. Thisaircraft appears to have PR blue spinner as well, although other commentators have said that these were black.

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