April 14, 2024
Various Engines and Relics are in a seperate room near the main hangar

This page covers various relics that can be found at AFTC as well as other aircraft that we have missed covering.

HPT-32 Deepak [z-2542] & HT-2 [IX-472]

Two aircraft that we missed seeing at AFTC Jalahalli are the HPT-32 Deepak [X-2542] and a third HT-2 [IX-472]. The aircraft is confirmed to be at AFTC and the HPT-32 can even be seen in a Google Earth Image at this link.

Engine Gallery

There is a ‘engine gallery’ at AFTC Jalahalli which features various working cutaway models of Aero Engines. The examples come from both Western as well as Russian sources. The following are the photographs of the engines seen at the AFTC’s collection.

Click to Enlarge The R-25 300 model is fully powered with internal lighting.

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