December 4, 2023
HAL HT-2 in Civilian markings
display outside the Aeronautical dept at the Indian Institute of Science. Pic Courtesy : Vijay Simha Reddy VT-DFY is fenced off with a barbed wire compound and is in decent shape, having received a coat of paint recently. Pic Courtesy : Vijay Simha Reddy

The IISc has an aeronautical engineering department, which ‘owns’ the HT-2 on display just outside the building. The HT-2 on display is the prototype HT-2 flown by HAL. Then flown under the civilian guise of VT-DFY, the aircraft was donated to IISc quite sometime back in the eighties and is well looked after. Vijay Simha Reddy visited IISc in July 2001, when he took these photographs. The aircraft had just been painted and looked to be in quite good condition inspite of being stored outside for display.

The aircraft is tethered to concrete weights to prevent damage in high speed winds. Pic Courtesy : Vijay Simha Reddy Click to Enlarge

The IISc is not open for general public, and only visitors with prior appointment or with relevant work can go inside the IISc campus. The aircraft however is open for public viewing outside the department building and does not require any special permission once the visitor is inside.

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