March 4, 2024
Sept 2006:  The UK Civil Aircraft Register G-INFO shows a new aircraft registered with the same werk number as the previous missing Indian Bf-109.

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The UK Register shows up a Me-109 that could well be the Missing Bf-109 from Gulbarga

The case of the Gulbarga Messerschmitt Bf-109E has been well covered in our pages . Back in 2002, Lynn Ritger of the Bf-109 Lair website had speculated the identity of the Gulbarga Messerschmitt. Lynn had postulated that the aircraft could be the same aircraft flown by Xavier Ray and its Werk Number as 4034.

In recent months,  the United Kingdom Civil Aviation register which can be accessed online at currently displays the record for G-CDTI, a Messerschmitt 109 registered in the Channel Islands to Rare Aero company.

The aircraft features the same werk number as the aircraft proposed by Lynn Ritger – leading to speculation on various internet fora that this is the same as the Gulbarga Messerschmitt. Rare Aero Ltd, shares the same address as Historic Aircraf Corporation, which was the company originally stated to have acquired the aircraft way back in 2002.  A cached google page also seems to point out that the aircraft is the same one from Gulbarga.

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